Haunted Mansion Ride

"Welcome Foolish Mortals!"

The Disneyland Haunted Mansion ride is 1 part spooky and 10 parts of fun! This is one of those classic rides that you have to go on at least once. It’s also another one of those rides with a fairly short wait time and is great to get out of the heat of the day.

Disneyland Haunted Mansion Ride, ©www.my-disneyland-vacation.com You'll find the mansion located in New Orlean's Square and as you approach the Antebellum era manor - that is "The Mansion" - you'll begin to notice more and more detail which makes this ride as visually stunning as it is spooky.

In all actuality the Disneyland Haunted Mansion ride is more entertaining than it is scary, although some youngsters might disagree!

The attention to detail on The Haunted Mansion ride means that it will typically take more than 1, 2 or even 3 rides to capture all the little tidbits throughout...Including some hidden Mickey's.

The Ride...

Your ghostly tour of the mansion will start off with you and the rest of your mortal companions entering the eloquent Portrait Chamber and once the doors are closed it’s time for your eerie descent... Is it a descent or is that the ceiling rising? You decide!

Once you've reached your final destination you’ll be ushered up the hallway to your awaiting “Doom Buggy” and then you are on your way to meeting the mansions 999 other worldly inhabitants. Bwhahahahaha!!!

You'll find yourself touring the mansions parlor, dining room, library, halls and attic. In the attic you'll find yourself in the presence of one of the mansions newest residents, Constance the axe murdering bride. Be careful to not lose your head in there!

Did You Know? During the holiday season (September into January) the Disney crew adds a little twist to the Haunted Mansion ride and your tour features the likes of Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Your tour ends with a visit to the uncommonly active cemetery where you'll encounter a ghostly gala singing their ghoulish chorus.

And lastly, you're always welcome back at the mansion and an eerily hospitable voice will let you know it! Hurreee Baaack...Hurreee Baaack!

Jack Skellington santa, ©www.my-disneyland-vacation.com Scary Pumpkins, ©www.my-disneyland-vacation.com

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Load Time: Typically a fast moving line, but at times you can expect to wait. Fastpass is available during peak seasons (winter holidays), but we did not need to use it over Thanksgiving and the wait was roughly 10 minutes.

For every 100 people in line in front of you you can expect roughly a 3 minute wait. For the fastest load time consider taking your tour either in the morning or late afternoon/evening.

Fastpass Available: Yes/No. Available during winter months.

Height Requirements: None. Infants can sit on adults lap.

Duration: Approximately 7 minutes.

Scareability Factor: For a "haunted" ride there is not a whole lot to be scared of for adults, but it is dark, cramped at the beginning and kids will interpret their ghostly encounters differently. Those most likely to get scared will be kids 4 and under.

Disneyland Haunted Mansion Ride Tips: The name of the ride and the theme are probably more intimidating to small children than the ride itself, but there are parts that may be a bit creepy for some and it's dark throughout.

The first part of the ride in the Portrait Chamber seems to get the most reaction out of children as the room goes dark and there are loud, ominous noises and voices. Not to mention, you'll be packed in their like a sardine...There's more room in a coffin!

If you are claustrophobic or scared of the dark you will definitely not enjoy this part. Good news...It only last about 2 minutes.

Look for a Hidden Mickey in the haunted dining room!

Physical Considerations: Must be able to enter and exit your "doom buggy" without the use of a wheelchair. Audio description and handheld captioning devices are available at guest services.

What Say We!

Jenette - Always enjoy it, but only when the line is short. It's not worth an hour long wait! (well Bah Humbug Jenette:)

Justin - It never seems to get old as there always seems to be something new I find each time I ride it.

Jonas - I like it, because it was scary! (kind of counters everything said above...hmmmm)

Caitlyn - I like it, because you go around and see all the ghosts.

Lilya - At 10 months old Lily handled it well, but there were times she got a little spooked by the noises and characters.


The Disneyland Haunted Mansion Ride first opened in 1969, but the mansion itself was actually built in 1963 and was based on similar houses in the Baltimore area.

The ride has a playfully frightening feel due to the different views of the lead designers. Marc Davis wanted the more playful, lighter feel for the ride while Claude Coats wanted a darker setting. They met in the middle and that's how the balance between funny and frightening came about.

In 2006 the Haunted Mansion ride incorporated the Attic scene, where you'll find the "Black Widow" Constance the axe murdering bride.


If this will be your first trip to Disneyland, then the Haunted Mansion ride is a must. It's one of the timeless classics. Even if you've toured the mansion before it's always worth another ride, because of the details...You're bound to find something new each time you tour it.

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