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Disneyland forum - Share your Disney stories, vacations, reviews and tips. It's all about the Disney experience here...

If you've got something to say about Disney, we want to hear it! This isn't limited to just a Disneyland forum - sure you can write all you want about Disneyland, we love it - but we also want to hear about any Disney experience you want to share.

Here are just a few examples of some things you may want to share:

  • Your recent or past trip to Disneyland California, your trip to Disney World, or even on a Disney cruise.

  • Review the hotels you've stayed at on your trips or restaurants that you ate at.

  • Got any tips for first time visitors...things to do, things to see, maybe some ways to save money.

  • How about Downtown Disney? From the ESPN Zone to Build-a-Bear, is there a favorite place you like to go?

  • Review Disney movies (past or present), how you liked them and what your kids thought of them.

  • Been to a Disney park overseas (if so, we're jealous)? What was that like? Are the rides the same or totally different?

I think you're catching our drift here...If it's Disney and you want to share, this is the place to do it.

Disney has helped create a lifetime of memories for our family and we know that millions of others have special memories of their Disney experiences and we want to hear all about them.

What Are Your Disney Stories?

It's free, fun and easy to share with no registration necessary! You can even add up to 4 pictures per story.

It's simple to share, just start typing! We can't wait to hear from you...

Please try to make your story at least 5 paragraphs long, 8 or more is better. For shorter stories consider making them a comment of another story.

All contributions can be rated by other visitors and those with the highest ratings stay closer to the top. So be sure to get your friends and family to vote on your contributions. The more the merrier!

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